light lab is a full service production company

light lab offers a full range of services for advertising and TV industries – production management, line production, technical support for filming in Latvia and abroad, production and postproduction, in-house editing, colour grading, motion capture and 3D services, as well as location, crew scouting, local and international casting, housing and transportation arrangements. With experience, having clients such as European Central Bank and Deutsche Welle, we provide production services according to various needs and scale. Since the year 2017 we are creating TV series Zapovednik for DW.

The future of animation

Full cycle of animation production – faster, better and more accessible. Our spacious motion capture studio with 28 Optitrack Prime13 cameras, costumes and gloves provides everything needed for film production teams, VR and game designers, advertising agencies, artists and others, seeking for contemporary motion capture.


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Liga Andersone
Phone: +371 26669922
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